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P A T T I   I V E R S O N

Katy and Patti

My Story Is One Of Evolution

“I have always worked in medicine, sales and marketing. I retired a few years ago but then became bored. For the past 30 years I have baked non-stop a variety of homemade cookies, mostly for gifts for family and friends who all have said,
‘Open a shop and sell these. You’ll make a fortune’.

Store bought cookies can’t compete with homemade. You are free to add as many ingredients as you can dream of to arrive at that perfect taste sensation. Pairing is what it is all about these days. Who knew, coffee and cayenne pepper, bacon and jam, pizza and ranch dressing and an oatmeal, raisin, cinnamon cookie with lemon and vanilla drizzle…Oh, I make that! Come try one!”

Patti’s Incredible Edibles